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The clients for this second home in Vermont wanted an addition that took advantage of a beautiful 10-acre site with views toward Stratton Mountain to the south. The program called for a media room and enclosed porch at the first floor, and a new master bedroom suite on the second floor. The solution was an addition at the back of the house, creating an L-shaped structure projecting towards the open meadow to the east. This afforded sweeping views of the mountain and insured ample daylight to all parts of the house. The two wings of the house enclose a terrace facing the meadow and garden and with views of the mountain. The locally sourced stone fireplace at the enclosed porch brings warmth to the space and ties the house visually to the site. A high peaked ceiling enhances the octagonal shape of the master bedroom. The stair to the master bedroom is attached to the side of the house, eliminating disruption to the interior living spaces and creating a dramatic transition up to second floor.

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