The models for these houses were created over the course of about a year. I wanted to explore various designs in three dimensions, and it was more useful to visualize the spaces with physical models than with 3D computer renderings. Since there was no specific site for any of the designs, I assumed a relatively flat site for all. If any of these design ideas were to be developed for an actual site, the designs would of course need to be adapted to specific conditions.

All of the houses share certain characteristics. Assuming a northern hemisphere location, there are relatively few windows on the colder north side, while the south side is more fully glazed with overhangs to allow the warming winter sun and block the summer sun. For this reason, the north side is assumed to be the public, entry side with more privacy from the street. This results in the back yard oriented to the south and open to the outdoors by way of decks, terraces and balconies. None of the houses are shown with basements or garages. Garages need to be site specific, and they could connect to the houses with covered walkways. Basements could easily be added to any of the designs. Low slope roofs are assumed to be metal, while more steeply pitched roofs are shingled. Master bedroom suites are located on the east side for morning light, and are separated from the other bedrooms in order to provide as much privacy as possible. Kitchens are at the center of the houses and are open to the other living spaces. Finally, all of the houses manipulate ceiling heights for spacial variety and are arranged in such a way as to maximize long views and connections to the outdoors.

The four houses shown here range in size from 1878 SF to 4143 SF. Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in further exploring any of the designs presented.